Translation Services

With the purpose of creating a platform for the internationalisation of the scientific activity, the Political Observatory has a translation service available to its associate members, specialised in the area of Political Studies.

This service, as a network that connects translation professionals to the needs of our researchers, aims at providing, at very competitive prices, translations in Arab, Spanish, French, English, Italian and Portuguese, text revision included. For other languages, the Observatory will try to find in the market professionals which satisfy the needs of the associate. Thus, the Observatory is open to applications from translators and/or interpreters who would like to collaborate with us.

From academic institutions, to students and teachers, not forgetting governmental departments, our highly qualified translators are chosen within the Associations of Professional Translators, from their country of origin. Besides their professional qualifications, the Political Observatory guarantees a selection of translators-interpreters through the assessment of their performance and the monitoring of their collaborations made through this service.

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