The Olympic Opening Ceremonies as a Cultural Policy

Professor Kevin Mulcahy was at the Political Observatory’s headquarters, on 16th July 2012, at 5pm for a conference on the Olympic Games opening ceremonies as a cultural policy. 

This year the Olympic Games are organised in London, which made the presence of Professor Kevin Mulcahy from Louisiana State University an exceptional opportunity to analyse and debate a cultural policy within the setting of the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games.

Professor Kevin Mulcahy is Sheldon Beychock Distinguished Professor of Political Science and Public Administration, Executive Editor of the Journal of Arts Management and Fullbright Distinguished Chair, as well as Award for Louisiana Artist and Scholars. Professor Kevin Mulcahy will be the host at Louisiana State University and organiser of the Conference on Social Theory, Politics and the Arts, taking place in October 2012, in which the Political Observatory will be present with a panel.

Take a look at the photos of the conference here.