Teresa Costa Simões


Master Degree in Political Science and International Relations, specialization in Political Science, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, UNL;
Post-Graduate in Political Science and International Relations, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, UNL (2009); Bachelor in Economics, Catholic University (1996);
Erasmus Scholar at Université de Paris I – Panthéon-Sorbonne – in the 5th year of the Bachelor in Economics (1995/1996).

Main Research Areas
Public Policy, Regulation, State Theory, Political Economics, International Economics.

Professional and Academic Experience
Professional teacher in economics and accounting, by the Open University, with final ranking of 18 values;
Teaches in a public education institute. The main subjects taught: Economics, sociology, citizenship, introduction to the economics and Social Development (1998-2000 and 2003 to date);
Held the post of Director of the Administration technological course (2006);
Taught at the Tourism School of Lisbon in post-secondary education; The main subjects taught: introduction to Financial Accounting Management, calculation, (2007-2008);
Exercised the functions of quality Management (ISO-9001) in company Conductus in Sunnyvale-California, USA (2002);
Intern in Barclays Bank (1997).

Participation in Projects
Fulbright Scholar, integrated in the INOV International Internship Program  (2001 e 2002);
Member of Rede Network CONTACTO;
Researcher at Observatório Político.