Spring Research School



Check the programme of the 2nd Edition here.

The Observatório Político and The Sam Nunn School of International Affairs developed together an exchange program between their organizations with the aim of providing the American students with both a new academic and cultural experiences.

On one hand, this program gives students a unique opportunity to experience firsthand the Portuguese academic and political systems, as well as its political and cultural institutions, while working close together with students and researchers who study and work in different areas.

The program is specifically designed to answer the Sam Nunn interests in Latin-American studies, particularly in Iberian issues. Hence all the academic sessions, specially planned for each year visiting students, focus on the role of Portugal in relation with other countries and organizations, the importance of lusophony in the world, and its place within the Iberic-latin-american space.

On the other hand, it is important for foreign students visiting Portugal to learn and understand its history and cultural background, as well as its present situation and future expectations. The cultural side is not forgotten in the program which allows the visiting students to enjoy and explore the beautiful ancient streets of Lisbon, taste its many traditional delicacies and visit monuments filled with History and stories.

The Spring Research School falls within the strategy of internationalization that is one of the strongholds of the Observatório Político.

Check the program of the 1st Edition here.