Journal Style sheet

The Revista Portuguesa de Ciência Política (RPCP)  – Portuguese Journal of Political Science – is an annual journal, with a circulation of 750 copies, composed of around 250 pages. The journal’s circulation is mainly national and regional. Its distribution will also be available to Portuguese scientific communities abroad. The RPCP meets the referencing standards of Latindex Catalog – System of International Information of Scientific Journals and of the European Reference Index for the Humanities of the European Science Foundation.

1. The articles must preferably have up to 75 000 characters, i.e., approximately 20 pages, including notes, bibliography, and tables; Times New Roman font, size 12 (one and a half spacing).

2. Book reviews must not exceed 10 000 characters, i.e., approximately 3 pages  in Times New Roman font, size 10 (one spacing).

3. Bibliographical references must be included in footnotes. The Bibliography at the end must not exceed 2 pages, and must only comprise the quoted works, arranged alphabetically.

4. Footnotes must be small in number and size.

5. Illustrations, tables, figures and maps must be numbered and placed at the end of the text, the latter indicating the places where they must be placed.

6. The citations and references to authors follow the following rules: surname, name, title of work (italics), place, publisher, year, or, for articles, surname, name, ‘article title’, journal (italics), number of volume, date, pages.

7. Articles must be accompanied by an abstract of about 750 characters, in Portuguese and in English, 4 keywords and a document in .Word format with a short bio from the author (institution, job position, areas of expertise and contacts).

8. The authors, individual or collective, of the published papers give in  the exclusive right of publication in any form to the RPCP and receive one copy of the journal.