Raquel Duque


Visiting Graduate Student – St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford (2014);
PhD Candidate, Political Science and International Relations – Institute of Political Sciences, Catholic University of Portugal;
Conclusion of the “PhD Advanced Training Course” in Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, New University of Lisbon (FCSH-UNL), 2011;
Master Taught in International Security and Terrorism, School of Politics and International Relations, University of Nottingham (2009);
BA in Political Science and International Relations, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, New University of Lisbon (FCSH-UNL), 2001-2005;
Diplôme du Programme Internationale, Exchange Programme ERASMUS at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Sciences Po, Paris, 2004-2005.

Main Areas of Research
Security, Terrorism, Securitisation, Public Policies, Europeanisation.

Academic Positions
Scientific Coordination and lecturer of Security and Globalization Module in BA in International Relations at the Collège Universitaire de Sciences Po, Poitiers, France, 2012-2013;
Lecturer of Political Science Module, Master Taught in Political Sciences (4th Year) at the Institute for Police Sciences and Homeland Security (ISCPSI);
Lecturer Security Studies Module in BA in Political Science and International Relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, of the New University of Lisbon;
Executive Coordinator and lecturer in the Diplomacy in Latin America Course, Political Observatory (2012);
Executive Coordinator and lecturer in the Security and Defence Course, Political Observatory (2012);
Lecturer in the Institutional Organisation and Communication, Political Observatory (2012);
Collaborator of the Portuguese Institute of International Affairs, New University of Lisbon;
Collaborator of the Res Publica Foundation;
Higher Specialist for Middle East and Western Sahara Affairs, at the Portuguese Permanent Mission in the United Nations, under the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union;
Intern at the Asia-Oceania Services Direction, at the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Portugal;
Assistent in the Information Department at the Jacques Delors European Information Centre.

Additional Education
Auditor for National Defence Course n. XXXVII, Institute of National Defence;
Auditor for Civilian Crisis Management, Institute of National Defence (Instituto da Defesa Nacional;
Training Course on Developing project applications for EU Thematic Programmes on Democracy Promotion and Development Cooperation, by the European Network of Political Foundations – ENoP;
Specialization Course in Cooperation for Development, Institute for National Administration, DECODE – 3rd Edition;

Member of the International Political Science Association;
Member of the Society for Terrorism Research;
Member of the Political Science Portuguese Association;
Associate Researcher and Founding Member of the Political Observatory;
Colaborator Researcher of the Centre of Administration and Public Policies (CAPP – ISCSP-UL);
Researcher of the Social and Political Sciences Department ICPOL/Centre for Police Sciences Investigation – ISCPSI;
Member of the Editorial Board of the Portuguese Journal of Political Science.

2011-2014: PhD Fellow of the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT); ANA, S.A. Fellow;
2004: ERASMUS Scholarship, European Union.

Award for best thesis in 2009 of the Centre for International Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution – The University of Nottingham.

«Estados frágeis: narrativas e práticas securitárias» (2014), Security and Defence nr 28, March-May, pages 46-58;
«Terrorismo na Aviação Civil: Perspetivas para uma Estratégia Europeia de Segurança Aérea» (2014), Nation and Defense nr 137 – Reflections on Europe, National Defence Institute;
«Cultural Diplomacy and Soft Power Chalenges» (2013), Portuguese Journal of Political Science nr 3, p171-176;
«O Grande Comunicador» (2013) Paralelo Magazine, nº VIII, FLAD – The Luso-American Development Foundation (co-author: Eduardo Pereira Correia);
«Presidential Power: The dilemma of the Portuguese Democratic System» (2013), Managing Scarcity: Participation, Territories and Welfare State, Dir. Rafael Bañon i Martinez, Rubén Tamboleo Garcia and Gema María Pastor, GOGEP Complutense, Madrid (co-author Eduardo Pereira Correia);
«O Poder Político e a Segurança» (2012), edited and coordenated with Eduardo Pereira Correia, Ed. Fonte da Palavra, Lisbon [forthcoming];
«O Poder Político e a Emergência das Políticas Públicas de Segurança» (2012), in Politeia, year VIII, Lisbon, pp. 39-49 (co-author Eduardo Pereira Correia) [accepted, forthcoming];
«Why can’t we cross the line?» (2011), Paralelo Magazine, nº VI – Winter 2011, FLAD – The Luso-American Development Foundation;
«Intelligence Diplomacy» (2011),Polímnia Magazine, nr 2, vol. I, NECPRI-FCSH/Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisbon;
«Estados Frágeis e Terrorismo Transnacional – Um Olhar Sobre a África Ocidental» (2011), Portuguese Journal of Political Science, Year I, Lisbon (ISSN: 1647-4090);
«Quando a Riqueza se Transforma em Maldição…» (2010), Project 10 –Digital Magazine, nr 3, in http://www.projecto10.pt/arquivo-3-sm-livre.htm;
«Are fragile states with natural resources a desirable location for transnational terrorists? Case-studies of Sierra Leone, Ghana and Nigéria» (2009), Master’s Dissertation in International Security and Terrorism, University of Nottingham.

Conference Speakings
Speaker at the General Conference of the European Consortium for Political Research with the paper «The European Union approach to terrorism: the case of civil aviation security» in the panel ‘The EU Fight against Terrorism, Organised Crime and Corruption’ section ‘Understanding and Tackling the Roots of Insecurity: Terrorism, Transnational Organised Crime and Corruption’, University of Glasgow, 6th of September 2014;
Discussant of the presentation «Franco-British Cooperation in African Security Issues on the EU level» by Tereza Chlebounová (Universidade Carlos, Praga) at the workshop Citizens, Economists, Emperors, Clerics: The Making of Europe? at the Voltaire Foundation, Oxford, 24th to 26th of April 2014;
Speaker at the 35th Annual Conference of the Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies in the panel ‘Political and Social Change in Contemporary Portugal’ with the paper «Social Policy Reform in Portugal: trick or treat?», Catholic University of Portugal, 10th of September 2013;
Speaker at the II Congreso Internacional en Gobernanza y Asuntos Públicos — Gestión de la Escasez: Participación, Territórios y Estado del Bienestar of Fundación General Universidad Complutense with the paper «Presidential Power: The dilemma of the Portuguese Democratic System» (co-author Eduardo Pereira Correia), Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 7th of March 2013;
Speaker at the 7th Annual Conference of the Society for Terrorism Research with the paper «Terrorism in civil aviation: a long-standing relation» in the panel ‘Tactics of Terrorism’, University of East London, 28th of June 2013;
Speaker at the Annual Conference of the Europaeum with the paper «Demography and Immigration: the challenges for the EU», Université Paris I – Sorbonne, Paris, 14th of June 2013;
Chair of the Panel ‘Novas Dinâmicas e Arquitecturas de Segurança’ of the 2nd Seminar «O Poder Político e a Segurança» at ISCPSI, Lisbon, 28th of May 2013;
Speaker at the 34th Annual Conference of the Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies with the paper «Repression versus Prevention: Different Paradigms in Security Policy: The case of Portugal» in the panel ‘Portuguese Crisis: Security Realities and New Power Challenges’ (co-author Eduardo Pereira Correia), King’s College, London, 4th of September 2012;
Speaker at the 22nd World Congress of Political Science organized by the International Political Science Association with the paper «The “Excellence” European University Model and its Evaluation» (co-author Cristina Montalvão Sarmento and Carlos Vargas) in the panel ‘Measuring change in higher education policy governance in Europe’, Universidad Complutense of Madrid, 12th of July 2012;
Speaker at the 23rd Annual Congress of the Slovene Association of Political Science with the paper «Cultural Diplomacy and Soft Challenges» in the panel ‘Political Culture in Focus of Political Science’, Portorož, Slovenia, 31st of May until the 2n of June 2012;
Chair of the panel ‘Portugal in the EU and the Current Crisis’ organized under the Spring Research School a joint initiative between the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs (Georgia, USA) and the Political Observatory (Lisbon) 21st of May 2012;
Scientific coordination and presentation of the panel Visões Globais da Segurança para o século XXI’ at the seminar O Poder Político e a Segurança, ISCPSI, 14th of March 2012;
Speaker at the VI Congress of the Portuguese Association of Political Science in the panel ‘Novos Paradigmas Securitários’ with the paper «Os Desafios da Aviação Civil e a Segurança Internacional», ISCSP-UL, 1st of March 2012;
Chair at the Conference «Os Desafios de Segurança para o Século XXI» under the 3rd Edition of the Autumn School, joint initiative of the Political Observatory and Sciences Po Paris/ Poitiers, at ISCSP-UL, 7th of November 2011;
Speaker at the Conference «Relações Portugal-Brasil» with the paper «A Segurança no Atlântico Sul», Sciences Po Paris/Poitiers, 2nd of November 2011;
Chair at the Internacional Conference about the Sustainability of Towns and Regions, Cartaxo, 3rd and 4th of September 2011;
Speaker at the Conference «A Crise Política, Económica e Social Portuguesa» with the paper «Portugal e as Encruzilhadas Políticas – Uma Perspectiva Histórica», Faculty of Social and Human Sciences – University of Beira Interior, 17th of May 2011.