Portuguese Repository of Political Science

Portuguese repository of political science

POLITIPÉDIA | 2011-2021

The Portuguese Repository of Political Science, also known as the website ResPublica, is a project under develpoment: a generalised system about informative networks in matters of political science, with the scientific authorship of the Professor José Adelino Maltez, member of the consultive council, which donated this project to the Observatory in October 2011.

As a database and a documental collection, the website ResPublica constituted the most exhaustive collection of compiled information, including about eight thousand entries in the area of political science, and more than twelve thousand files. Indeed, a sum of data which culminates in a encyclopaedia of political science. In addition to being a website which is constantly updated, under the orientation of its author, the Political Observatory aims at developing and updating the website, as well as making available to the scientific community the most important database in the area of political studies in Portugal.

The Repository is constituted by two hundred bibliographic keywords on political science and international relations themes, a relevant database on Portuguese elections since 1820, hundreds of biographies of the portuguese political elite, a wide knowledge on parties and portuguese political movements and a context on the most significant global political facts since 1800.

Giving its significance, the Political Observatory will work on updating its IT design, and doing a careful treatment of the information displayed, which will then present its results to the scientific community.