Portuguese Journal of Political Science

Launch RPCP | number 4 | 2014



Of the all the activities in the genesis of the Political Observatory, the creation, register and edition of a scientific journal stands out. Therefore, the Portuguese Journal of Political Science presents itself as a worthy instrument for the achievement of the Observatory’s goals, providing a privileged space for the divulgation of research and the study of political science.

The Portuguese Journal of Political Science is biannual, with a circulation of 300 copies, each issue having approximately 250 pages. Its distribution will be national and regional , but it will also cover the Portuguese communities abroad, especially interest in the scientific domain of the journal.
The Portuguese Journal of Political Science follows  the reference norms of the Latindex Catalog – System of International Information for Scientific Journals and of the European Reference Index for the Humanities (ERIH) of the European Science Foundation (ESF).

The Portuguese Journal of Political Science has in its structure a Board of Directors and a Executive Editors Board (members of the Observatory’s Board of Directors), who constitute the Editorial Board and who regularly meet. The Editorial Board main functions are counseling in the elaboration of the editorial plans and analysing the inclusion of articles. The structure of the Journal also includes an Academic Council, composed by individuals of recognised scientific and academic merit, both national and international. This council is consulted by the bodies of the Journal, in order to define its strategy and its contents.

For more information on the Portuguese Journal of Political Science, please check the call for papers.