Politics and Public Opinion


A three-party programme between the Political Observatory, the Post-graduate Programme in Sociology of the University of Góias (Brazil) and the Institute of Iberian Studies of the University of Salamanca (Spain), signed in the scope of the collaboration promoted by the Doctoral College of Tordesilhas.

In this project, the Professors involved are:
Denise Paiva Ferreira, from Brazil
Cristina Montalvão Sarmento, from Portugal
Flávio Friendeberg, from Spain

Tordesillas Group

The Tordesillas Group was created at the I Meeting of Deans of the Universities of Brazil, Spain and Portugal, which took place in 2000 at the host university – the University of Vallodolid, located in the city of Tordesillas. The event happened at the famous House of the Treaty, the place where the historical Treaty of Tordesillas was signed.

Having the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the discovery of Brazil as the background, the event’s main drive was to promote the collaboration among the universities of the three countries, in the areas of science and technology. At the first meeting the Ministers of Science and Technology from Brazil and Spain and the Secretary of State of Portugal were also present . The Tordesillas Group is currently formed by 19 universities from Brazil, 11 from Spain and 7 from Portugal. There are 3 headquarters, one in each country: the Brazilian is located at the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro – UNIRIO, the Spanish at the University of Vallodid – UVA and the Portuguese at the University of Coimbra – UC and is sponsored by Santander Bank – Universities.

In the scope of this international programme, at a preliminary stage, it was signed by the Observatory (as a research unit of the New University of Lisbon). Before that, New University of Lisbon formalised its participation in the Doctoral College of Tordesillas in September 2010. In November of the same year, Professor Cristina Montalvão Sarmento went to Brazil and followed up the contacts with the University of Góias. She was present at the XII Meeting of the Tordesillas Group, which occurred from 17th-18th November 2011, at the University of Lisbon, Portugal.