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The Political Observatory’s Political Studies Collection, in partnership with Fonte da Palavra Publisher, aims at publishing thesis, essays, studies, text compilations and documental surveys in the area of Political Science, which result from the research of the Political Observatory’s members. The publications of these works are sponsored by the Political Observatory. However, the authors are held accountable for its contents. This collection will interest all of those who reason, question or dedicated themselves to the observation, analysis and study of politics.


livro brunoTitle: Portugal e as Organizações Internacionais – Comportamentos, Mensagens e Impactos
Coordenation: Alice Cunha, Aurora Almada e Santos, Yvette Santos
Pages.: 372
Price: 16,00€
ISBN: 978-989-99168-0-7
Political Observatory Collection

Portugal e as Organizações Internacionais – Comportamentos, Mensagens e Impactos presents narratives that, based on different aprroaches, analyse the portuguese participation in collective institutions, far from transmitting the idea of a linear process, the narratives demonstrate how the presence in International Organizations was used by Portugal as a legitimizing factor and in defence of the national interests, highlighting the country, in certain circumstances the ability of influence the decision making processes. The analysed matters, namely the acting of individual actors and party entities on countries joining the European Union, the scrutiny on community law, the incorporation of the EU legislation in Portugal or the influence on the relations with the former colonies amount in a profound knowledge of the matter. The narratives show the existence of a speech and of an image quite positive of the Portuguese development inside collective institutions, without however been ignored the hardest moments between Portugal and the International Organizations.

livro brunoUtopia Realista
Author: Maria João Cabrita
Pages: 122
Price: 12,00€
ISSN: 978-989-667-182-2
Political Observatory Collection

In Rawls’ political liberalism, the “realistic utopia” substantiates one of the political philosophy tasks as part of the society’s public political culture. Besides the practical, orientation and reconciliation functions, the political philosopher should question the limits of the social possibility – a task named by Rawls as “realistic utopia”. Ample and politically functional, both in the context of domestic society as in the international society horizon, the idea of realistic utopia regenerates our sense of justice, referring to specific conceptions of peace, democracy and human rights. Succinctly, this idea illustrates the hope of constructing a fairer political world, extensible far beyond our horizon and opened to cultural, religious and political differences, as well as respectful of the individual convictions and the self-determination of peoples. In an environment of dissatisfaction with society, we remain with the exercise of political observation clashing itself against reality, avoiding and getting through past mistakes, without sacrificing others and the future generations.

livro brunoA Biografia do Poder – Carreiras Políticas no Parlamento Português
Author: Bruno Gonçalves Bernardes
Pages.: 125
Price: 12,00€
ISSN: 978-989-667-175-4
Political Observatory Collection

“Biografia do Poder” analyses the patterns of political career found between nineteen Portuguese MPs, based upon the perception on their political biography. The study of political careers allow us to understand individuals’ choices and the relationship between these choices and institutional constraints. These choices are contextualized in a system where supply and demand privilege certain types of profiles. Thus, these interviews allowed us to analyse the sociodemographic profile, the interest of the individual on politics, the type of recruitment, career and the level of political partisan professionalization of the respondents. In summary, this study presents a picture of the formation and rise of political agents in the Portuguese democratic context, with reference to the perception of MPs on their political career.

Capa do livroTitle: Orçamento Participativo – Leituras Comparadas entre Brasil e Portugal
Organization: Angela de C. Correia Gomes, Marta Nunes da Costa, Rui Pereira Gomes
Pages.: 179
Price: 16,00€
ISSN: 978-989-667-168-6
Political Observatory Collection

Addressing the Participatory Budget is challenging because it is an instrument that raises shareholding to a level of decision of great importance in the context of public finances. This book attempts to explain and exemplify how two municipalities, one based in Portugal and another in Brazil, different political,economic and socially, are entering the community in decisions about the use and application of public funds. The text of this book, in simple language, brings, exemplifying, as the municipalities of Braga (PT) and São Bernardo do Campo (BR) are building and consolidating this important process of integration of society in decisions involving choices and priorities of public services to the population.

Title: O Poder Político e a Segurança
Organization: Eduardo Pereira Correia e Raquel Duque
Pages.: 204
Price: 19,00€
ISSN: 978-989-667-122-8
Political Observatory Collection

This publication is a joint initiative of the Political Observatory (OP) and the Higher Institute of Police Sciences and Internal Security (ISCPSI), the seminar “The Political Power and Security”. Here gather the contributions of the guests, from public and private institutions that collaborated in the questioning of diverse and relevant topics such as the theories and conjectures of timeliness in the fields of politics and security, challenges the foundations of democratic state; ending an analysis prospective about safety. The availability of reflections and discussions of ideas, paradigms and theories examined in the seminar on two inextricable issues of society, political power and security, enrich the outlook of analyzing these two areas of intersection of Science Policy.

Title: Cultura Política e Práticas de Cultura
Organization: Carlos Vargas
Pages.: 168
Price: 17,00€
ISSN: 978-989-667-122-9
Political Observatory Collection

Culture is an inalienable patrimony of contemporary societies. Starting from the study of Political Science, History and Geography, Economics and Arts, Sociology, Anthropology and Ecology, it is therefore necessary a consolidation of a political thought which, in a democracy, confronts and questions the different perspectives of the cultural phenomenon. While always considering the dimensions of creation, production, reception, mediation and financing, and without forgetting the delicate and many times invisible relations of power established between the different actors involved in the process.

Title: KOSOVO – Jogo sem fim
Author: Patrícia Calca
Pages.: 208
Price: 16,00€
ISSN: 978-989-667-095-5
Political Observatory Collection

The geo-strategy of the countries involved in the 1999 events, the history of the region, as well, as its ethnic, religious and nationalists factions, have complicated the reality of this conflict. Thus, understanding what happened less than a decade ago, in what has become the Aquiles’ heel of the Old Continent, may contribute to a bigger and better knowledge of the present and the future of this region. However, this work also looks at what took place before and after the conflict. On one hand, we have the causes of the bombings, on the other hand the reality of today. The application of the theory of games, used to analyse this problem, allowed a more filtered and clearer scrutiny in the search for syntheses and models. The relations of power, which Political Science has as its subject of analysis, are the main drive of this book. From the first word to the last, that was the direction of our compass.

Title: República, Democracia e Soberania – Ensaios sobre a teoria de Estado
Author: Carlos Leone
Pages: 100
Price: 12,00€
ISSN: 978-989-667-098-6
Political Observatory Collection

This assemblage of dispersed texts, some of which published for the first time in Portuguese, present an idea generically defended in all of them: the difference between the regimes’ political frame (in Portugal, the Republic) and the systems of government (democracy). This difference is structural, but tends to be forgotten from the scientific point of view and the public discussion. In a moment where the European Union is walking a path contrary to the one professed here, and while trying to alter the constitutions of its members after the fail of a European Constitutions, the tone of these pages clashes, but in doing so, acquires a freer analysis and discussion, outside the usual oppositions between federalists and sovereignists, or europeanists and eurosceptics. It is in the space of this freedom that one can talk about sovereignty.

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