Participations of Observatório Político on the Media

The Political Observatory’s researches have often been requested for media participations in Portugal, providing their insight on some current and crucial political, military, social and/or economic matters such as:

-   Portuguese political, social and economic matters, including the elections;

-   Crucial political events around the world, such as the independence referendum in Scotland or the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong;

-  Elections in several countries such as Brazil, Spain or Greece or elections for International organizations such as the election for the new UN Secretary-General;

-   Terrorist attacks and international security isues;

-   Military tensions and wars, such as in the Gaza Strip, Ukraine/Crimea and Syria;

-   International and European cooperation in Military issues.

The most common form of participation has been the presence on news programmes on Portuguese national television and radio as well as in specialized economics and politics programmes.

Institutional Video

The Political Observatory invited some of its researchers to participate in what was known as a secret project. The researchers were asked to give their opinion about the Observatory in one or two works. They were not aware one researcher, Pedro Mendonça, was planning on recording their participation for an institutional presentation.

The researchers were surprised and amused when realizing they were participating in a short video which turned into a long fun day. In the video below you can watch a small selection of the researchers’ opinions. Many of the words researchers chose to use were the same which sums up the dynamic behind this research organization.