M.A. Politics and Diplomacy

M.A. Politics and Diplomacy-min

The M.A. in Politics and Diplomacy is an academic programme in Diplomatic Studies, structured in a three-party collaboration between the Diplomatic Studies Institute associated to the History Faculty of the University of Bucharest, the III University of Roma and the Political Observatory, with the intent of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities and the Faculty of Law of the New University of Lisbon to collaborate institutionally.

This programme is an initiative developed by the Professor Armando Marques Guedes, Associate Lecturer with Aggregation of the Faculty of Law of the New University of Lisbon, whose proposal was accepted by the Political Observatory to be the Portuguese partner of the Faculty of History of the University of Bucharest. This university created the Institute for Diplomatic Studies for this purpose and in which Armando Marques Guedes is an Honoris Causa Professor, cumulating his functions as the President of the Portuguese Diplomatic Institute.

In their first visit to Portugal, the representatives of the Faculty of History of the University of Bucharest were accompanied by Professors Armando Marques Guedes and Cristina Montalvão Sarmento and prepared the preliminary programme of the MA in Politics and Diplomacy to present to the III University of Rome, which was signed on the 25th June 2010, showing their intent to participate in this project.

These procedures will be followed by the processes of approval in the respective three countries: Portugal, Romenia and Italy.