Journal Style Sheet

Journal Style Sheet-min

The Revista Portuguesa de Ciência Política (RPCP)  – Portuguese Journal of Political Science – has a planned biannual printing of 300 copies, and there may be room for editing some special and thematic editions. The circulation of the RPCP has a national and regional scope. The distribution of the journal will be extended to the Portuguese communities abroad with interest in scientific publication.

1. The articles submitted for consideration must be original and unpublished. Book reviews should examine recent literature. Once the articles are submitted to the evaluation process of RPCP, at no time they may be submitted to other journals. The texts can be presented in Portuguese, Castilian, English, French and Italian. All articles written in Portuguese should preferably comply with the rules relating to the 2009 Portuguese orthographic agreement.

2. The articles should preferably have up to 10,000 words, including notes, bibliography and images. Book reviews should not exceed 2,500 words. Manuscripts should be submitted in a Word document (or compatible), Times New Roman font, size 12, 1,5 spacing.

3. The articles should be accompained by an abstract of about 150 words – a version in Portuguese and one in English – with four to six key words in a Word document (or compatible). It must also feature the author’s identification (institution, category, areas of expertise and contact details).

4. The illustrations, charts, maps and figures should be numbered and placed at the end of the text. The author should indicate where they should be inserted.

5. The quotes from outside sources must comply with the local copyright legislation.

6. The RPCP follows the bibliographic reference standards contained in the 16th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style (Chicago Manual of Style, 2010, 16th ed. Chicago: University of Chicago Press). The bibliographic references of texts in Portuguese, Castilian, French and Italian should preferably be placed in footnotes. The bibliographic references of texts in English should be included in the text body, both respecting the adopted rules of citation.

7. The submitted texts will be, on first instance, analysed by the editorial board and may be rejected or subjected to peer review process. The acceptable articles are then subjected to one or two referees through a blind review system of pairs. The final decision about publication of the proposed article, to be published in the RPCP, will be taken by the editorial board, considering the opinions of the referees. The scientific review of the book reviews rests with the editorial board.

8. The authors, individual or collective, of the articles published confer the exclusive right of publication to the RPCP, and the article may  suffer some changes and revisions of form in the purpose of adapting it to the editorial style of RPCP.

9. The authors, individual or collective, of the articles published in the RPCP receive two copies of the issue. The authors, individual or collective, of the book reviews receive one copy of the issue. If requested, they can also be provided of a copy in PDF format.

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