José Miguel Bettencourt

José Miguel

PhD student in Political Science and International Relations, Political Studies Institute, Catholic University of Lisbon, Portugal;
Post-graduate in Finance, Catholic University of Oporto;
Post-graduate in Political Science and International Relations, Catholic University of Lisbon;
Degree in Law, Political Studies Institute, Catholic University of Lisbon.

Main Areas of Research
Political Science; International Relations; International and Political Economy; State’s Theory; European Policy; Political System and Portuguese Parties; American Political History.

Visiting Scholar and Researcher, Columbia University, New York
Associate Researcher of the Political Observatory (OP);
Member of the Young Leaders Circle of Manhattan Institute;
Member of the European Movement;
Member of the Jurisdiction National Council of Social Democrat Party, Portugal;
Member of the International Churchill Society;
Member of the International Political Science Association;
Member of SEDES – Portuguese Associations for Economic and Social Development;
Director of the Blog of SEDES Association –;
Member of the Portuguese Observatory of Political System Commission at the SEDES;
Former Member of the Consultative Youth Council;
Former Member of the Education National Council;
Former Member of the Board of the European Students Organization – OBESSU;
Former Member of the Committee for reform of Secondary Education Curricular established by the XIV and XV Portuguese Governments;
Former Representative Member of the Academic Portuguese Education, Forum of Education in EU;
Former Member of the National Council of the Social Democrat Party, Portugal.

Academic and Professional Experience
Attaché Assistant in collaboration with Mission of Portugal to the United Nations, New York; Following the Presidency of EU Global Budget Report to UN and the work of the Sessions of the United Nations General Assembly, United Nations;
As Assistant of the Sixth Committee (Legal Affairs) and the Third Committee (Human Rights and Social Affairs) and the Committee of European Union and Economic Affairs;
Former Associate Research of the Portuguese Centre for History and International Relations;
Legal and Consultant Adviser of Legal issuing opinions to Attorneys Firms, individuals and private entities.

Participation in Projects
Principal Editor, “Manifesto 27″;
Opinion articles in several national Portuguese newspaper;
Analysed and also commented the educational politics on the television program “Aula Magna” on CNL, Channel News of Lisbon;
Founding Member, Youth Association “One Portugal”;
Founding President, Civic Association “For Portugal”;
Founding President, National Federation of High School Students Associations.

Awards and Distinctions
Fellowship, Luso American Foundation, 2009-2014


Book Chapters
ROMEIRA, Almerinda, Portugal Entre Gerações, Babel Editors, Centauro, 2011. With Artur Santos Silva, Guilherme Oliveira Martins, Inês Black, João Salgueiro, José Miguel Bettencourt, Luís Barata, Luís Campos e Cunha, Marina Costa Lobo, Maria Perpétua Rocha, Matilde Ferreira de Almeida, Pedro Magalhães, Sofia Areal e Vítor Bento.