Institutional Members


The Political Observatory is a non-profit scientific association, open to the academic community and the civil society. Inclusive and determined to foment the creation of a scientific thematic network in the area of political studies, the Observatory collaborates with multiple institutions. Thus, the Observatory responds to the current significance for national affirmation, in the internationalisation of higher education.

Founded in July 2009, in a cooperative form, the Observatory provides services to the community and assumes the participation of private sponsorship and institutional patronage.

Being trade-marketed, the Observatory follows the terms the Portuguese State requests. Thus it is open to expand its sources of financial support, to provide study rapports and multi-disciplinary scientific reports to support private endeavours, and to council private institutions on their political impact.

For this purpose, the Observatory accepts applications from institutional or entrepreneurial entities who would like to become members. In this case, the category of honorary institutional membership is  applied. This process requires the approval of the General Assembly, under the proposal of the Board of Directors.

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