The Political Observatory is currently located in Lisbon at Rua Almerindo Lessa, Pólo Universitário da Ajuda. In its premises you can find a permanently available administrative service to welcome and help all of the associate researchers and members, within the following opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 9.30am to 6pm.

The current headquarters offer:

  1. The directorate and administrative services
  2. A work and support area for researchers and members
  3. The Portuguese Journal of Political Science
  4. Observatório Político library
  5. A meeting room
  6. A research room

The old headquarters of the Observatory, located at the Avenida Elias Garcia, 123 7ºE, have also welcomed the historical archive of the Tito de Morais Association, through a protocol signed in 2011. This archive was treated and preserved by a team of researchers and interns of the Observatory.

The Political Observatory also offers private residence for researchers and foreign academics who want to develop their scientific activity in Portugal, for a maximum period of time of three months.

Archive and Library
The Archive and the Library are projects which the Political Observatory has developed since its beginnings. Initially gathered from private archives and personal donations to the Observatory, it aims at including other collections, since it is currently composed by around five hundred works available for consultation. Most of the books are  donations from the Observatory’s members, but also a donation from the Institute of Social Sciences’ library (University of Lisbon).

The Political Observatory Library allows access to a bibliographic fund, diverse national and international databases, as well as periodic publications (Financial Times, scientific journals) and an online catalogue, which is a space for sharing, promoting and accessing knowledge, available to the academic and scientific community. The access to the Library is reserved to researchers, teachers, students and members of the Observatory. Access to the public requires an authorization request. The general access to publications is free. However, it could be restricted according to the statutes and state of conservation.

The Library also accepts donations of document funds (books, texts, articles, journals and DVDs), collections and estates related to the activity of the Political Observatory. For more information, please contact us at geral@observatoriopolitico.pt

Archive and Library Contacts
Director: Prof. Doutor Manuel Filipe Canaveira
Rua Almerindo Lessa
Pólo Universitário do Alto da Ajuda
1349-055 LISBOA
Telf. (+351) 21 361 94 30