Carlos M. J. Alves

Carlos M. J. Alves

PhD in Political Science, specialty in Political Analysis and Theory, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences – New University of Lisbon;
Master in Philosophy, specializing in political philosophy, with the Master’s thesis on the Possibility of a Just Society in Political Philosophy of John Rawls, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, New University of Lisbon, with a final grade of 18 values​​;
Degree in Philosophy, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences – New University of Lisbon.

Main Areas of Research
Political Philosophy; Political Science; Political Economy; Theories of Justice; Discussion between the Egalitarian Liberalism and Libertarian Liberalism ; Social Movements.

Professional and Academic Experience
Trainer with scientific (CCPFC) and professional (CAP) certified, enrolled in the National Stock Exchange of Trainers
Professor of Philosophy

Participation in Projects
Political Observatory Associate Researcher.
Responsible for the Project Filosofia Júnior® (Philosophy for Children).
Contributed with articles in newspapers and magazines, including the publications: Egoísta, Umbigo.

Awards and Distinctions
Alves Redol Award (2009)