Carlos Fuzeta da Ponte

Master of Arts in Political Science and International Relations, specialization in International Relations, NOVA University of Lisbon;
Bachelor of Arts in Law (FDL-UL).

Main Areas of Research
Political Science, International Relations – State Theory, Power and Civil Society – Government Sistems, Law, Governance.

Academical and Professional Experience
Lawyer since March 1988;
Lecturer at the Departments of Law and Social Investigation at Universidade Moderna – Setúbal, between 1990 and 2008;
Invited Lecturer at ESCE-IPS – Escola Superior Ciências Empresariais-Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal, 2009/2010;
Author of several books.

2º place at the “XXII Encontro Europeu de Universitários” – Macau, 1982;
2º place at the “XXIII Encontro Europeu de Universitários-Augsburg” , Germany, 1983;
1º place-exequo at the “XXV Encontro Europeu de Universitários” Southeastern Massachusetts University, SMU, United States, 1985;
1º place at the XXVI “Encontro Europeu de Universitários, Wien, Austria, 1986;
IIIº Congresso CIANTEC, Aveiro University, August 2009, adressing “NeoTotalitarismos e derivas neototalitarias nas Sociedades Contemporâneas”.