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The Political Observatory as a political studies research association is open to the academic and scientific community, and to individual members, who after a curricular analysis and approval by the board of directors, are accepted. Become a member and benefit from its advantages.

List of Members of the Political Observatory

Full Membership

Academics and scholars who demonstrate a particular effort and interest in political studies. After six months of full membership, the members can ask to incorporate the resident research team. This application depends on a complete curricular analysis by the Board of Directors and the meeting of requirements.

Honorary Membership

Individuals or institutional entities which stand out in the scientific area of Political Studies, or that have significantly contributed to the aims of the Political Observatory. Any associate who wishes to become an honorary member must be approved by the General-Assembly, under the proposal of the Board of Directors.

Research Associates

Researchers and academics who work in matters of the scientific and academic scope of the Political Observatory, whose work justifies their admission in the Observatory’s resident research team; or if they’re full members over a period of six months and have kept their scientific activity in accordance to the curricular analysis of the Board of Directors.

Documentation necessary

  1. Proposal of Associate complete and signed (download the proposal in word or pdf formats)
  2. Payment of the first parcel via check or bank transfer
  3. Send all these documents via mail (see contacts) or e-mail (


In the year of admission, the value of the fee is annual and must be paid in full. In the following years, the fees must be paid via direct debit, which will have no extra costs to the members. The first parcel can be paid via check, bank transfer or money.

The annuity fees are

Full membership   • € 65.00           Student membership       • € 32.50

Researchers         • € 50.00           Honorary Members           • € 65.00


a) Full members and Student Members

-Member’s card;

-Name included on the online list of Associate Members;

-Annual subscription of the Portuguese Journal of Political Science;

-Discounts in courses, seminars, congresses and conferences organised by the Political Observatory;

-Access to our newsletter, working-papers and informations about the Observatory;

-Participation, under the approval of the board of directors, in the publication of working papers;

-Enjoy all the advantages and rights arising from the existence and activity of the Political Observatory;

-Directly or via an intermediary, participate in the administrative management of the Observatory

b) Associate Researchers

-Participate directly in the activities of academic and scientific scope;

-Enjoy all the advantages and rights arising from the existence and activity of the Political Observatory;

-Free annual subscription of the Portuguese Journal of Political Science;

- Name and CV included on the online list of the Observatory;

-Obtain information about the activities of the Observatory from the social bodies;

-Vote in the election of the social bodies which compose the Observatory;

- Request, under the legal terms, a summon of the General Assembly, according to statutes of the Association.

Associate Dismissal

1- A member may be dismissed if:

a) Communicates his/her resignation to the Board of Directors.

b) Does not pay his/her annuity for over a year.

c) Gravely disrespect the norms, statutes, objectives and principles that rule the Political Observatory – Research Association for Political Studies.

2- The dismissal of an associate follows these terms c), only the Board of Directors, under the deliberation of the General Assembly, approved by the majority, can dismiss a member.

3 – Payments

a) First parcel

In the year of admission, the value of the parcel depends on the month the individual becomes a member. This parcel is calculated on the basis of twelfths of the total value of the annuity. The parcel must be paid in full. These values are exempt from VAT.

b) Annuity

In the second year and following years the annuity is 65,00€ for full members, 50,00€ for research members. Student members benefit from a 50% discount (32,50€), corresponding to the period from January to December.

c) Penalties

Failing to pay or delay the payment of the fees may determine the dismissal of an associate, when he/she, after being notified, fails to pay and regularise their status.

A member who delays their payment will be excluded after three notifications. An individual may become a member again  two years after; or if he/she pays the delayed annuities and the ones corresponding to the years he/she has been excluded. The members who choose to resign, may become members again upon a request and an approval from Board of Directors.

Member’s Form

Download in Word or PDF formats.