Winter School

Winter School: Ecole d’Hiver | Escola de Inverno

VII Edition




Political Observatory, Lisbon – Portugal
Sciences Po Paris – Poitiers Campus

The concept of an international seminar for the 1st cycle of university studies is created with the intent of diversifying and complementing the curricular choice available to students, but also consolidating the current Erasmus programme. This  exchange initiative in the area of political studies – Autumn School – ensures the spirit of reciprocity and the high recognition of the academic value of the partners involved in this project: Political Observatory and the Institut d’Études Politiques Sciences Po Paris.

The Autumn School, as an exchange project, has began a new dynamic in Portuguese Universities, namely in its Politic Studies departments, while showing the problematics of the iberian-american context and giving a chance for the exchange of academic experiences with one of the most prestigious french grandes écoles.

On the other hand, the making of this project alongside the Autumn School has contributed for the consolidation of one the Observatory main goals: the empowerment and diversification of research.

Considering the fact students in first year of BA at Sciences Po Paris – Poitiers Campus participate in an Autumn School in Salamanca, enhancing their linguistic knowledge of Spanish, as well the remaining academic knowledge and culture experiences, the Political Observatory analysed the development and implementation of a project in the strategic context of learning Portuguese and trusting in the quality of academic contents taught in Portuguese Universities.

Thus, the creation of the Autumn School allowed putting Lisbon and other academic centres in the curricular plan of the students from the partner University.

In conclusion, the dynamic fostered by the Political Observatory has become crucial to consolidate the role of Portuguese universities as university institutions internationally recognised by its academic merit. The Observatory as a dynamic and autonomous research centre for political studies, also filling a key place in promoting innovative programmes, at a national and international levels in teaching and scientific activities.